About Us

Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams (REACT) is an IRC Sec. 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Public Service Organization that has been assisting the public for more than 50 years providing community service through communications.


REACT was created in 1962 by Henry B. (Pete) Kreer who envisioned using the newly formed Citizens Band Radio to help communities during emergencies after he assisted a family with a sick infant stranded on a Chicago freeway during a January blizzard.


In 1967, REACT, and it's first corporate sponsor, Hallicrafters Radio, petitioned the FCC to create a national CB channel for emergencies - CB Channel 9.


We will provide public safety communications to individuals, organizations, and government agencies to save lives, prevent injuries, and give assistance wherever and whenever needed. We will strive to establish a monitoring network of trained volunteer citizen-based communicators using any available means to deliver the message.



1. To assist in any emergency by supplying volunteer radio communications in cooperation with authorities and other volunteer organizations.
2. To practice and encourage operating excellence through professional communication techniques.
3. To maintain equipment at peak efficiency and operate in accordance with all government regulations.
4. To advise the public of correct effective use of the emergency frequencies, such as Citizens Band (CB) channel 9, General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) and Cellular 9-1-1.

REACT Cooperation Teams participate in their communities' disaster preparedness plans through cooperative agreements with the American National Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and the National Weather Service.

REACT Membership Benefits
Receive the REACTer Magazine
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REACT Leadership
Since 1962, REACT has been the leader in public service radio. We have earned the US President's Volunteer Action Award. Now you can be part of our prestigious International Organization.